Our industry is ever changing and it’s a priority here at EcoTech to stay on top of the latest news and trends. This includes everything from excavation and technology to safety. We do this by participating in educational seminars, attending expos as well as regular utility safety meetings throughout the areas we serve. Industry publications are also valuable assets, one such publication is 811 Damage Prevention Professional Magazine. Cross Bore is our topic for September so we were happy to see that 811 Damage Prevention recently covered Cross Bore Mitigation in their latest issue. Read our recent post on Cross Bore’s here.

The article Cross Bore Mitigation written by Mike Iadanza and Brain Clem, does a great job not only explaining how a Cross Bore occurs but also mapping out how they can be identified and how technology increases safety.

A cross bore incident can compromise the integrity of one or both utilities involved. There’s also the potential for damage to the entire underground structure increasing the risk of a potentially dangerous situation.

Why we’ve seen an increase in cross bores:

“With such a high demand for utility upgrades and new installations in developed areas, there is also a demand to minimize disruption to homes and businesses within the scope of these projects. Traditional trenching certainly minimizes the risk of an unknown utility strike, but the mess and disruption of using this method is often seen as an unacceptable solution. However, while trenchless excavation or horizontal directional drilling is a valuable and effective method for installing new utilities without the mess and disruption that can occur with traditional trenching, it can result in undetected utility strikes. Sewer lines are especially susceptible since, typically, there is no immediate loss of service nor visible feedback (i.e. water spraying out) to the operator that a strike has occurred. This damage can remain undetected for days, months or even years, depending on the specific circumstances.” ~ Mike Iadanza and Brain Clem

A cross bore is not only dangerous but can also be costly:

“Regardless of size, cross bores tend to have significant price tags associated with them. Small cross bore occurrences can cost in excess of $100,000, and the most expensive cross bore event on record had a total cost of $30 million! However, new advances in technology, such as lateral launch robotic cameras and Ground Penetrating Radar technology, have greatly reduced the incidents and have made both contractor and the general public much safer.” ~ Mike Iadanza and Brain Clem



We understand how essential safe excavation is in these situations, that is why we invest in the latest Hydro and Air excavation technology. Our team here at EcoTech can help keep costs down by excavating around pipes faster than traditional excavation and our equipment allows us to reach hard to access locations. Considering the dangers and cost associated with cross bores, we make sure our crew is well trained to handle these sensitive situations in a timely and professional manner.



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