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Our Debris Removal and Cleanout Service


Municipalities, businesses, property managers and homeowners often call Ecotech for planned and emergency debris removal and restoration clean-outs. Our industrial-grade vacuum equipment with hundreds of feet of hose attached to a truck-mounted debris tank makes material removal fast and clean. If required, we can provide manifests for legal disposal.

Ecotech is key in the assistance to developers and townships during Development Dedications.  Stormwater inlets and catch basins often fill with mud and debris causing them to be clogged and not work properly.  Many times townships and construction contractors are left cleaning these out by hand using shovels and buckets. With Ecotech’s high powered equipment we can vacuum out the debris and mud in stormwater inlets, catch basins, stormwater manholes and even box culverts in a matter of minutes.  This translates into huge savings in time and money.

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