Our Hydro Excavation Services

Hydro Excavation is a non-mechanical, non-destructive process that combines pressurized water and a high flow of moving air to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil and natural debris at a controlled rate. The soil and water “slurry” travel through a wide, flexible hose to a truck-mounted debris tank – which can be parked hundreds of feet from the dig site to minimize congestion and additional surface damage. A water gun tool with surgeon-like accuracy removes only material necessary for repair or inspection.


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Why Choose Hydro Excavation?

Precise digging with minimal disruption to the job site and reduced restoration which leaves a clean work area

Can be used remotely

 Typically faster method on larger excavation sites

Better in clay or rocky soils

Trucks are equipped with a 420,000 BTU boiler to heat the water allowing it to cut through the frozen ground

 Using water eliminates static electricity

The use of pellets leads to absorption and solidification of wet slurry allowing for easy onsite disposal

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