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Our Potholing Service


Potholing is one of the most common uses of hydro and air excavation.  It is also commonly referred to as daylighting, locating, and sub-surface utility engineering (SUE).  It is the process of digging a test hole in order to locate underground utilities of which the location is more or less unknown. Potholing is used when a contractor needs to verify the depth, size or type of underground utility. This is very effective when mapping utilities. Once an accurate map of buried utilities is made, future construction or additions can be accurately planned and added in the most efficient manner.

Ecotech can cut or core (if in concrete) a hole to locate the line … then backfill the hole according to regulations, restore the concrete or core, and provide a test hole data sheet. If needed, we will provide project management for traffic control, street cut permits and sidewalk closures.  In pre-construction it provides substantial cost savings by eliminating accidental line breakage, unexpected utility relocation, change orders, environmental disasters, and community impact. Potholing is also utilized for cathodic protection procedures or to safely excavate holes for pole hole installations. When using Ecotech for potholing, you eliminate the risks associated with traditional digging methods. The water or air cuts precisely and efficiently through the soil and allows for as little material as possible to be removed in order to verify the location and grade of the utility.

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