Safety Training Measures at Ecotech Hydro Excavation

Director of Safety—Chad Breneman

Ecotech Hydro Excavation’s Director of Safety Chad Breneman comes from over 20 years working in the residential construction field. Through training and field experience at Ecotech, Chad was able to see that the safety policies were put in place to make sure none of the team was in danger—especially when working near 230,000 volts of electricity.


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Preventing Hand Injuries

Annual Hand Injuries

Each year, more than one million hand injuries place workers in the ER. Additionally, there are more than 110,000 recorded lost-time hand injuries on a yearly basis. Unfortunately, 70% of the emergency room incidences are a result of not wearing protective gloves on the job, while the other 30% of these injuries are caused by not wearing the correct type of gloves.



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Meet the Team: Dana Huber, Director of Human Resources and Finance

As Owner and President of Ecotech, Dana Huber oversees the company’s financial activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing. Working closely with her trusted team, Dana provides day to day leadership and management of the business which includes: Accounting, Banking, Human Resources, Marketing, and Fleet Management.

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GapVax: How Our Trucks Are Made

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

At Ecotech Hydro Excavation, we strive to partner with companies who not only provide wonderful products but also share our belief that giving back to the community remains at the core of what we do. The Ecotech team recently visited the GapVax production facility in historic Johnstown, Pennsylvania. We were excited to see first-hand where our state-of-the-art hydro-excavation trucks are built. The process begins as raw steel and ends with a fully equipped truck—built to last through a generation. It was truly amazing to see up close.
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Meet the Team: Chad Breneman, Director of Safety

Chad Breneman, Director of Safety

After 20 years of construction experience, Chad Breneman—Director of Safety at Ecotech—thought hydro excavation looked intriguing and decided to join the company. After a few years in the field as a hydro/air excavation foreman, he has learned to understand the equipment, customer needs, and the priority of safety. Now, almost four years later, he feels the best part of working at Ecotech is undoubtedly the excellent personnel that makes up the company, along with the customers they work for.







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Lazaretto Quarantine Station Project

Lazaretto Quarantine Station, Essington, PA

At Ecotech, we believe that the successful preservation of historical artifacts is critical to the success of any project. Ecotech recently completed a fascinating project at the Lazaretto quarantine station located in Essington, PA. The origin of this amazing historical site runs back to the 1790s when it was constructed in response to devastating yellow fever epidemics that were sweeping across the countryside. These fever outbreaks were so severe that their presence forced the newly formed American government to flee Philadelphia (the nation’s capital at the time).





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Project: Repairing Electrical Vault

Sunbury, PA

Ecotech Hydro Excavation worked with an electrical contractor in Sunbury, PA. Using hydro excavation services allowed the contractor to repair an electrical vault located in a homeowner’s yard. Minimal disturbance to the property made for a very happy homeowner!









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Project: Electrical Substation

Williamsport, PA

Ecotech used air excavation and trenching to locate underground utilities at an electrical substation in Williamsport, PA. By using air excavation, material stays dry and can be used for backfill.

Project: Track Rehabilitation

Lansdale, PA

Ecotech Hydro Excavation worked on the Lansdale Railroad helping with a track rehabilitation project. Ecotech worked with a construction contractor located in Lansdale PA.





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