Did you know that hydro excavation is a cost-efficient cold weather digging solution? Featuring a combination of highly pressurized heated water, hydro excavation immediately thaws the frozen ground and creates a slurry that can be quickly evacuated through an industrial vacuum.

Equipped with the most advanced hydrovac technologies, Ecotech can save you valuable time and money during your next cold weather digging project. Here’s how:

Eliminate Accidental Strikes

According to the Construction Safety Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of safety and health interests in the field of construction, there are several factors that complicate locating underground utilities:

  • Utility lines are made of a variety of materials including steel, cast iron and ductile iron pipes, clay, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, and fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • Cable may be made of copper or fiber optics
  • Conduits have different shapes, compositions, densities, and diameters, and their depths may be as little as 0 to 0.5 meters or in excess of 50 meters
  • Some lines (usually local telephone, electric or gas lines) may be stacked vertically in a common trench

With hydro excavation, risk of accidental hits are virtually eliminated. With the precision to expertly navigate and locate underground utilities, hydro excavation is a preferred cold weather digging solution.

“The One Call process is a crucial part in identifying underground utilities. However, the only true way to know where the infrastructure is located is to properly expose it using the hydro or air excavation process”, Lori Mendez, Business Development Manager

Cold Weather Digging Made Easy with Ecotech

Ecotech is committed to delivering the highest level of safety while complying with government health, safety laws and regulations. We pride ourselves on promptness, reliability, and customer service. With Ecotech, unlock a safe, non-destructive, and cost-efficient digging solution partner.

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