Ecotech is capable to get to those remote-access locations that conventional excavating equipment cannot. We can even hydro and air excavate inside of buildings.

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We know that vacuum excavating is not a replacement for traditional excavating equipment such as backhoes, excavators, and aboveground locators. However, aboveground locating is only “so” accurate, and using an excavator to locate utilities is risky business. The best solution is to work in conjunction with these other services to provide you the absolute lowest job cost.  With remote digging, we can successfully excavate in hard to reach areas that are restricted due to overhead clearances, structural congestion, narrow access and even inside buildings.

Ecotech is key in the assistance to developers and townships during Development Dedications.  With the use of hydro or air excavation Ecotech can straighten and repair valve boxes. With traditional excavating equipment it is sometimes necessary to tear out sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping to complete the repair.  With hydro or air excavation an 8” hole is all that is needed to complete the repair and the material is able to be used right away for backfill and restoration. This translates into huge savings in time and money. Ecotech additionally uses vacuum excavation to assist in catch basin cleanouts from the mud and debris that is collected during construction.    

The vacuum excavation trucks are also ideal for sinkhole restoration—creating both lower costs and less disruption by maintaining the small diameter of the sinkhole so that a minimal amount of concrete for filling is necessary.  Residential developments have utilities below ground running parallel to the sidewalks and streets. Ecotech can safely dig without disrupting these very sensitive areas. With minimal disruption to the surrounding area it cuts the cost of repairing sidewalks, fresh grass, flower beds and roadways.  Sinkholes are often found in retention ponds as they collect large amounts of storm water. Ecotech’s trucks are able to park on the street—up to 400 feet away from the problem area and use their hose to remotely excavate

With safety as our number one priority, we’re a natural solution to an excavation situation in any construction setting.

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