Utilities or naturally occurring events have the ability to form voids several feet underground. Water will continue to flow into these voids, eroding the soil below. After a period of time, the ground will collapse—thus creating a sinkhole. These sinkholes can be relatively small, but they also have the potential to be very disastrous. Ecotech Hydro Excavation is fully prepared to assist with sinkhole restoration—creating both lower costs and less disruption.

Lower Cost
Ecotech will help maintain the small diameter of the sinkhole so that a minimal amount of concrete for filling is necessary. This cuts costs significantly:

  • Cut costs by avoiding truckloads upon truckloads of concrete to fill larger holes dug into the ground with back hoes and track hoes
  • Cut the cost of repairing sidewalks, fresh grass, flower beds, roads, and so much more
  • Cut the costs of using larger equipment, such as back hoes and track hoes

Less Disruption

Ecotech can use both air and hydro excavation to empty a sinkhole with minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

  • The immense size and abilities of back hoes and track hoes can completely destroy the landscape surrounding the sinkhole
  • When tearing up the sidewalk, grass, and street is unnecessary, Ecotech has the ability to create precise digs, resulting in less disruption to the original size.
  • Residential developments have utilities below ground running parallel to the sidewalks and streets. Ecotech can dig without disrupting these very sensitive areas.

Remote Digging

Sinkholes are often found in retention ponds as they collect large amounts of stormwater. Most times, trucks are not allowed to travel over this delicate ground. In turn, Ecotech’s trucks are able to park on the street—up to 400 feet away from the problem area—using their hose to remotely excavate and maintaining the beauty of the environment!

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