Our hydro and air excavator can be parked hundreds of feet away from overhead hazards and obstructions

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Ecotech & Electrical


Construction activity in an electrical sub-station can be a daunting and dangerous task.  Every member of the Ecotech team receives extensive training and commits to diligence about his surroundings and each project’s unique circumstances. Our employees are fully trained for all safety programs that utility customers require per First Verify plus they receive yearly refresher courses.  As a member of ISNetworld, Veriforce, First Verify, and Avetta our safety data and records are on file and available for inspection.

We operate as a two-man crew because having a second person to spot the vacuum excavator and extra eyes working in the excavation is extremely important to the safety of all personnel.  This helps guarantee that unknown utilities are spotted. Our helpers drive a support truck that has all of the necessary safety and spill equipment as well as additional piping and supplies for adverse jobs.

Ecotech is able to produce critical path excavation cavities – trenches, pit boxes, pier shafts – with surgical precision.  In most cases, we will be able to do a few critical locates to get daylight on utilities so that the job can proceed at correct depths.  Our vacuum excavating has also been used to suck debris out of manholes and provide manifests for legal disposal.

Ecotech’s remote digging service is a critical component to safe excavation for electrical and telecommunications applications.

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