Our hydro excavating services were proudly featured on Pumper which highlighted a project our guys tackled in a Lancaster County mobile home community!

The Problem

The mobile home community our team visited had an undetected water leak under one of the homes, spanning over a year. “It was a challenge for the plumbing contractor to gain access underneath the mobile home for the repair,” says Ryan Frank,  of Ecotech Hydro Excavation. The process of hand-digging would have been time-consuming and extremely challenging due to the quantity of mud and water accumulated. As a result of how the water shut-off was set up in the community, more than half of the homes would be without water during the repair. Our team had to act quickly and efficiently.


Our Solution

Our crew responded with one of our GapVax HV-55 hydro excavators which were set up 50 feet away from the mobile home. Using remote excavation, our guys removed the slurry and provided 8 feet of benched trench to allow the plumbers to safely access the site for repair.


Our talented team was able to complete this job safely and efficiently with no property damage!