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Save Time, Labor & Money With Stone Slinger


 Using Ecotech’s stone slinger improves job site efficiency and keeps on deadlines. You can reduce large jobs down to minutes and save valuable time and energy wasted on hand-spreading material.

 You can reduce labor time and equipment costs by minimizing the need for skid loaders and manual stone application. Leave the wheelbarrow and shovel at the shop! The stone slinger’s even application of construction materials results in minimal raking. The material is self-contained when delivered and there’s very little mess during application that needs to be cleaned up.

 Besides reduced labor time and equipment usage costs, Ecotech’s stone slinger conveyor application allows spreading and placement to be more precise and will reduce wasted material costs.

Common Uses

Concrete Flatwork | Foundation Preparation | Basement Perimeter Drains | Ground-Leveling | Trench Backfill | Driveways | Soil Placement | Steep Slopes | Erosion Control | Roadside Application | Retaining Wall Backfill | Landscaping | Fuel Tanks | Park & Recreation | Golf Courses


Aggregate / Stone | Screened Soil | Select Fill | Topsoil | Sand | Mulch


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