Meet the Team: Dana Huber, Director of Human Resources and Finance

As Owner and President of Ecotech, Dana Huber oversees the company’s financial activity, including budgeting, reporting, and auditing. Working closely with her trusted team, Dana provides day to day leadership and management of the business which includes: Accounting, Banking, Human Resources, Marketing, and Fleet Management.

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Meet the Team: Lori Mendez, Business Development Manager

Lori Mendez, Business Development Manager at Ecotech came to the company with 22 years of experience in sales and customer service in the construction and remodel industry. Lori was immediately intrigued by the company’s new and advanced technology in the excavation industry and decided to join the team.

Now one and half years later at Ecotech, Lori loves educating potential customers on the specialities the company offers, “There are so many potential customers out there that may still not be aware of hydro/air excavation or utilizing the benefits of it. It brings me great satisfaction to be the one to educate them,” she says.

Lori’s favorite part of her job is it’s versatility. One day she could be on a jobsite, the next day she may be visiting an office, or she may be at a seminar meeting new people to tell them about Ecotech. Lori enjoys being a part of a company that strives for customer satisfaction.

In her free time, Lori enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She enjoys being a part of her kids interests and activities, specifically 4H, horseback riding, soccer, and wrestling. Lori also finds time to ride motorcycles with her husband and friends, as well as take trips to the mountains with her family.

Meet the Team: Blake Huber, Owner / Vice President

Vice President Blake Huber of Ecotech has been in the standard excavation business for fifteen years. While on an emergency weekend call, Blake saw a hydro excavator in action and was immediately intrigued by the excitement of the growing industry. Seeing the time and labor this method would save his team, Blake founded Ecotech Hydro Excavation in 2011.

Blake finds that helping his clients procure solutions to the most challenging of excavation problems has been the most rewarding aspect of his job. Ecotech has worked on a vast variety of jobs, including one to remove over 2,000 cubic yards of fill dirt from a hospital basement in Philadelphia. As a result, the cost of Ecotech came in as less than half of the next closest bid due to their use of hydro excavation, rather than hand digging.

In his free time, Blake enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, hunting with his son, and taking trips to the mountains.