For Lori Mendez—Business Development Manager of Ecotech—customer service is a day in, day out, ongoing, compassionate activity. “Customer service is the key to building and growing any business,” Lori says. “It has always been and will always be  one of the most important competitive advantages a business can have!”

The Ecotech staff strives to not only take care of each customer, but also make sure they are happy with the services Ecotech has provided. Lori has personally spurred new client relationships, as well as actively maintaining communication with ongoing customers.

“Along with great customer service, we also excel in productivity and the skilled performance of our hydro and air excavation services,” Lori says. This combination of time and money saving services, paired with amazing customer service, is the crux of Ecotech’s success.

Lori personally participates in the following to promote excellent customer service at Ecotech:

  • Follows up on completed jobs with a phone call
  • Visits job sites to be a part of the project happenings and taking the time to talk  to customers face-to-face
  • Discusses current projects with customers to make sure their specific needs are met so that the job gets completed on time
  • Stops into offices to thank customers in person, gets feedback on current and future projects, communicates her experience after being on the jobsite
  • Hands out shirts, water bottles, pens, and sticky notes with the Ecotech logo to show appreciation

Ecotech’s excellent customer service remains unmatched! Contact us today for your next big project.