We can safely excavate pole holes in a matter of minutes. And the risk of damaging fiber optics, gas pipelines or energized cables is virtually eliminated.

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Ecotech & Utility

Vacuum Excavation is quickly becoming the preferred excavating method by utility companies across the nation because of the immense safety benefit.  No longer is accidental line damage a concern. Not only is the risk of disaster virtually eliminated, but damage to line casings and pipe coating are not a worry either. This process allows for exposure of energized buried lines.

It is against the law to dig with traditional excavating equipment without a 1Call.  Hand-digging is the recognized method of uncovering utilities, but even that can lead to utility damage … and it’s extremely slow.  The risk of digging without knowing where to dig is just too great. Accurate information concerning the location and depth of underground utilities is usually available, however, many private utilities are often unmarked or marked incorrectly. Whether you’re excavating near an electric line, water or sewer pipes, or a fiber optic cable, even digging with a shovel can cause an expensive and unsafe incident.

Proposed utility pole holes and service pits are often located in the municipal right-of-way, which is congested with underground infrastructure. With hundreds of miles of pipes, cables, and wires buried beneath city streets, it is almost impossible to avoid disturbing these lines.  The ability to physically determine on-site the location, nature and depth of underground utility services is critical to reducing the risk and consequences of inadvertent damage during construction. If it's underground and delicate, expensive or dangerous, you should be using vacuum excavation in order to visually confirm the location of the utilities before you dig.

Ecotech and utility providers and installers make a perfect match. We have the experience in dealing with the challenging needs of the utility industry and our service is an ideal solution for cost-effective and safe excavating. Our excavation services are fast, efficient, and keep disruption to a minimum. By minimizing ground disturbance, backfill and restoration costs are also greatly reduced.

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