What is Cross Bore and How Does it Occur?

Per the PA 811 “A cross bore is the intersection of an existing underground utility or underground structure by a second utility installed using trenchless technology. This results in an intersection of the utilities, compromising the integrity of either or both utility or underground structure.”

Trenchless technologies, such as directional drilling are increasingly used in urban areas to install new underground utility lines thus increasing the risk of a cross bore, which in some cases can be very dangerous as well as disruptive. With a thorough understanding of the complexities of cross boring, our expert team at EcoTech can be brought in to help identify and excavate safely and effectively with our hydro or air services thus helping to avoid significant damage to utilities and properties.

Why Should You Care?

In some cases “cross bores” can be created when underground utilities are unknowingly installed through unmarked sewer laterals. Cross bores can lay dormant for months to years with their exact locations unknown. To prevent cross bore related accidents, sewer lines should be properly located and marked PRIOR to any construction, excavation, plumbing maintenance or drain clearing operations. Always call PA 811 before you dig!

Cross bores of sewer lines can result in unintended sewer blockages that may cause a backup of wastewater into buildings or homes creating dangerous consequences for residents. In order to clear these blockages, plumbers may choose to use a mechanical rotary tool, or root cutter, to clear a sewer line. This can damage a natural gas line that has been unknowingly inserted into a sewer line. We can help avoid these dangers by using hydro or air excavation techniques and can access hard to reach sewer systems and underground lines.

Here at EcoTech we pride ourselves in having not only a dedicated team but also the industry’s best hydro and air excavation equipment available, virtually eliminate accidental hits to underground utilities – preventing power outages, utility damage, injuries to workers and bystanders, inconvenient traffic disruptions and costly interruption to businesses and construction projects.

We can assist 24/7 if something goes wrong! Dig smart, call Ecotech.

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